In cases when compared to our Customers it happens that the Contractor fails to comply with the obligation to pay for goods delivered or serviced provided, we begin the recovery procedures, towards recover.

Our classic recovery services often precede preventive activities, that discipline Contractors in payment of debts.

The steps are tailored to individual priorities and expectations of our Customers, immediately taking proper actions for both recovery and settlement of taxes, including VAT refund.

To this end, we work with selected law firms, professionaly implementing outsorced recovery proceedings:

- we upgrade and check the particulars of the Debtor, obtain extracts from the register of economic activities, the National Court Register,

- we collect full documentation of the procedural documents, we prepare pleadings required by law (default notice, requests and petitions),

- we undertake negotiations with the Debtor for voluntary repayment of the debt, prepare the appropriate arrangements and out-of-court settlements,

- we bring, on behalf of our Customers, actions at law to proper courts, we oversee the further course of actions/judgments,

- after obtaining the enforceable title, we proceed on behalf of the Customer to the implementation of execution phase (preparation of proposals) and other formal-legal documentation, oversee the ongoing enforcement proceedings, support bailiff actions.
After the debt enforcement, even in the case of its partial ineffectiveness, we are taking further actions, including the possible initiation and conduct of investigations in the field of transfer of responsibility for the debts, for instance: the members of the boards of companies, leading further recoveries of personal assets (including board members).

We provide the Customers with assistance in criminal matters against Debtors and other persons, in cases of suspected offenses, also by the preparation of notices to the prosecution.

We make for example: legal analysis as to the admissibility of actio Pauliana, i.e. about the possibility of initiating and conducting actions in the recognition of legal actions as ineffective in relation to the Customers as the Creditors, whose situation has deteriorated as a result of such activities.
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